WHAT is an Enhanced eBook?  

    Another word often used for “enhanced” is “multimedia”.   It is an ebook that should include audio and/or video along with many or all of the following features:


audio (narration, music, sound effects)

video and images

graphs, tables, embedded pdfs

searchable text , note taking ability, book marks

tables of contents with page navigation

Internal linking - footnotes/annotations/cross references/indexes

External linking - associated websites, social media sites and more.

WHY an enhanced eBook?

    Enhanced eBooks can captivate your readers with unparalleled experiences and truly engage the reader and listener!

WHERE are the best enhanced eBooks found ?

    Only two of the major retailers currently support media content in eBook files: Apple, and Barnes & Noble. The most prominent candidate for eBook enhancements is Apple's iBooks application. BFV can create great-looking ePub files with features that are unique to the iBooks platform.

Enhanced eBooks

As seen on Publishers Weekly Audio Blog

One of our audiobooks Produced as an Enhanced eBook.

1. We accept only published manuscripts.  

2. We accept picture books. (send images)

3. Files can in most any format.

Manuscript Submissions

Submit a manuscript (fiction, nonfiction or children's) for an audiobook or enhanced ebook production/publishing estimate by clicking on the BFV button.