The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story


Stan Romanek

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Reader: Michael Pearl

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This is the startling, bewildering, intriguing and wildly popular account of Stan Romanek’s scientifically supported and well documented experiences of alien encounters and abductions. It is is augmented by lab reports, testimonial from prominent professors, vivid recollections of photo and video stills shots, and refers to proven mathematical equations of which Stan should have no known knowledge.

As difficult as Stan finds it, he even shares information regarding his regression sessions shedding more light on his experiences. Stan's regressions have become a bridge for information about the origin’s of these strange beings.

While the encounters are at times frightening, Stan and his wife Lisa take a somewhat lighthearted approach by affectionately namingeach creature and not backing down from the frightening experiences. They take every opportunity possible to document whatever they can to help explain these rare and odd occurrences.

Romanek resides in Colorado. He has been interviewed on Larry King Live, 20/20, Coast to Coast, and other national television and radio programs. He has been invited to speak at UFO conferences across the country. His unique story has appeared in UFO Magazine, MUFON Journal, and other periodicals.