Love & Common Sense

Short Stories from Around the World to Challenge Your Mind and Ignite Your Compassion


Dr. James W. Jackson

Audio Tracks: 70

Media Total Time: 06:04:41

Reader: Dr. James W. Jackson

© 2012 Dr. James W. Jackson

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1st Place in the Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association EVVY Award in Travel, 2013

3rd Place in the Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association EVVY Award in Non-Fiction, 2013

"Love and Common Sense" is the the award-winning collection of seventy intriguing short stories. These stories are a blend of business, economics and extravagant compassion that give lucid and dramatic insights into the selfless activities and adventures of Dr. James W. Jackson.

Dr. Jackson is a gifted storyteller who draws his unique insights from his millions of miles of travel and his personal visits to over 150 countries. He is trained in business and economics, yet his true wisdom comes from lessons learned while observing and interacting with real people in nearly every corner of the world. Dr. Jackson not only observes and processes anecdotes but has the ability to repaint with poignant words the mental pictures he has collected.

He was working as an international economic consultant in developing nations around the globe when his work led him face-to-face with the needs of the sick and dying. During a trip to Brazil, Dr. Jackson visited a small clinic near Rio de Janeiro. Once inside, he learned that patients were often turned away due to the lack of basic medical supplies and equipment. Jackson was moved to action. He made a promise that he would help provide relief to those people.

Dr. Jackson returned to his home in Evergreen, Colorado, and with the assistance of friends in the medical industry he collected approximately $250,000 worth of medical supplies in his garage in about 30 days time. By personally paying the shipping expenses, Dr. Jackson was able to send an ocean-going cargo container to Brazil. Soon after, he and his wife, Dr. AnnaMarie Jackson, founded the non-profit, humanitarian relief organization, Project C.U.R.E.