In Search of Sushi Tora


Emily Kemme

Finalist 2012

Next Generation Indie Book Awards

We all have days when it seems the world as we know it is falling apart, mouthy teenagers, forgotten cell phones, the pressure of deadlines, and others insisting that appearances arewhat create integrity. One minute you have family togetherness, and in the next minute, festering misperceptions distort everyone’s viewpoint of how they thought it all worked. 

Lucy Linfeld, wife, mother and former lawyer, chafes at her husband’s demands to present a perfect image to their world in his quest to retain his position as a Colorado District Court Judge in a small town. Previously, they had been partners, sharing their innermost thoughts as they worked together. Now, as his work takes precedence over family, balance is lost, blurring the entire family’s focus. When her best friend's marriage collapses, Lucy attempts to console her in Rome. The two women find themselves at odds with each other. They face universal questions: Who am I? Where do I want life to take me?

In Search of Sushi Tora is filled with vivid characters, from the builder who decides to remake the Linfeld house without telling them first, to the Judge's archenemy, filled with jealousy and a willingness to set aside accepted conventions, threatening to destroy them all. Told with sparkling wit and biting humor, Emily Kemme takes the listener on a fast-paced ride through reality, evaluating the purpose of marriage and placing a spin on how we can survive the trials of everyday life.

Audio Tracks: 30

Media Total Time:13:21:58

Reader: Diana Andrade

© 2011 Emily Kemme

2012 Brook Forest Voices LLC