To Build a Fire
by Jack London

The classic short story, To Build a Fire, by American author Jack London, is brought to life in ways he probably never imagined when it was published in 1908. The subtle blending of narration and music create a vivid image of the “Man” and his “Wolf Dog” as they set out on foot along the Yukon in temperatures colder than –50 F. With plans to meet his friends at a logging camp by 6:00pm, the Man finds himself pitted in a life and death struggle with nature. Whether or not you’ve read this great American classic, you’ll be riveted by this audio version with sound enhancements of the Man’s harrowing adventure in the Gold Rush Era of Alaska.

Narrator:  Nothing inspires Jaime Andrade more than the wonders of the Colorado mountains.  He shares this love of nature in his first venture into the world of audiobooks.  As an award winning actor, he has travelled the world performing for television and the stage. 

2012 - 50 minutes

ISBN:  978-0-9830872-81

Audio CD: SRP - $7.50   BVF - $6.75