Miri, Who Charms
by Joanne Greenberg

“Amazing, the pain that can be caused by wielding the sword charm."  

FICTION.....Rachel idolizes Miri’s charm, beauty and family that represents order and perfection in contrast to the chaos and bitterness in her own life. She is often blind to Miri’s manipulation of others for personal gain, not only in their early years of growing up together in a Denver Jewish Orthodox community, but also in their adult lives. Amid issues of cultural identity and an era of growing feminism, they struggle to sustain a complex, often competitive friendship throughout the challenges of marriage, careers, motherhood and family relationships.

    Miri's daughter, Tamar, initially offers the friends a link that will strengthen their uneasy bond. However, when Tamar develops a passion for the dangerous sport of caving before the age of eleven, Rachel and Miri's friendship faces a test more severe than any the women have ever experienced. Reconciliation is not where you might expect. This morally and spiritually beautiful novel explores life's choices and the ramifications of those decisions.

Author:  Joanne Greenberg is a highly decorated author, most notably a recipient of the William & Janice Epstein Award, the H & E Daroff Memorial Award and the 1991 Colorado author of the Year.  She has written 4 collections of short stories and 14 novels, including the highly acclaimed best selling novel and major motion picture, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden.

      10.3 hours              

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