Dream Catcher
by Yvonne Mason

In the years leading up to the 1950's, there were no resources for the challenged. They were placed in asylums or back rooms and left to die. They were never talked about or acknowledged. They were the silent children. The ones no one wanted. The ones who were never given a chance to live. Yvonne Mason has given us a story of success in a time of failure for the challenged. She has given a voice to a child born in 1952 who became challenged. This young man was not put away. He was not shunned and he was not ignored. Ms. Mason tells the story of Stan, her brother, who was never supposed to succeed. He was supposed to fail.

“He was supposed to Fail.”

ISBN:  978-0-9853791-2-4

3.5. hours

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Author:  Yvonne Mason has written numerous novels including Tangles Minds, Brilliant Insanity and Silent Scream.  She recently won the 2012 EVVY Gold Medal for her audiobook, A Voice from the Grave. Along with having earned a degree in criminal justice, she is a licensed bounty hunter in Georgia and an accomplished motivational speaker.  She resides in Port ST. Lucie, Florida.

Yvonne Mason