A Voice from the Grave
by Yvonne Mason

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    As the past is uncovered, the Biggs family get much more than they bargained for.  Savannah is the only female born since before the Civil War.  She wears a Celtic cross given to her by her father...who received it from his father.  It has been handed down for generations.

    At the dig, a second cross which is a mirror image of Savannah's is unearthed.  A skeleton is discovered at the deadline.  What do these two finds have in common and who is behind the mysterious things that keep happening to the family?  What terrible secrets are hidden in the finds, and will they be uncovered?

Author:  Yvonne Mason was traveling with her husband when she impulsively decided to take a short detour to visit the remains of the infamous Andersonville Prison in Georgia. Greatly impacted by what she witnessed, she spent the next four years conducting research for A Voice from the Grave while allowing the characters to write their own story.  She has written numerous novels including Stan's Story, Tangled Minds, Brilliant Insanity and Silent Scream.  Along with having earned a degree in criminal justice, she is a licensed bounty hunter in Georgia and an accomplished motivational speaker.   She resides in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

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Yvonne Mason